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The importance of nutrition in our health and well-being to decrease our experience with stress with Adrienne Hornby

In today’s episode, I talk with Adrienne Hornby – Health and Wellbeing Consultant. Adrienne is a health and wellbeing consultant that helps workplaces and schools to begin focusing more on PEOPLE and their health and wellbeing before they continue to pile on more and more strategy and directives. Adrienne also supports busy women in their health and wellness journey.

In this episode, we talk about:

-The importance of nutrition and wellbeing especially in environments of high stress.

-Adrienne’s journey from school executive and becoming a health and wellness consultant.

-Looking after emotional, physical and mental health through a holistic lens.

-We explore deeper what self-care means to Adrienne and how she applies it to her life. 

You can find Adrienne at Instagram: www.instagram/adriennehornby-coach/

I am the host of Sunday Soulful Sessions. These events were created for women to reconnect back to their higher selves while enjoying great food.

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