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Love Languages with Jen Demiri

Today’s guest is Jen Demiri from Create Again who is a breakup and mindset life coach. In this episode, Jen Demiri talks about communicating with your loved ones, understanding their love language and the importance of receiving love and compliments.

  As a mindset and recovery coach Jen Demiri guides her clients through the most vulnerable and raw period of their life and on their path to unconditional love for themselves and their desired future. Her story of healing began in 2018 when she and her husband separated.  The breakdown of her marriage was one of the hardest times she experienced, as she had lost her identity and direction. She has been where her clients are not knowing what is going to happen next, how she was going to pay the bills and most importantly the future she envisaged.   

She started the healing process on her own and in 2020 Create Again was born.  This is a great episode!!! You can find Jen Demiri at

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