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My Business Journey.

“Be beautiful, be amazing, be you and do it well.” – Jennifer Parker.

I was asked by Ipswich Business Group to share about my business journey as an empowerment Life Coach.

I am Jennifer Parker founder of Real Vision Life Coaching for intuitive big-hearted females, business owners and practitioners in the health and helping industries to avoid personal burn out.  I help women to let go of old beliefs that are affecting how they interact and perceive the world around them and start living a passionate and purposeful life that aligns to their values. 

Like you, I’m a woman in business helping others and I know only too well the price you pay for putting everyone first. Constantly trying to people please and make them happy at your own expense affects your mental, physical and emotional health, not to mention your relationships.  But this need not be your future. You can be that big-hearted, beautiful, professional woman that lives to help others without compromising your own well-being.

Before being an empowerment life coach and business owner at Real Vision Life Coaching I worked as a social worker and community worker for 19 years. I loved helping people, but I was feeling overworked, burnt out and experiencing anxiety. I decided to leave my career as a social worker to have a lifestyle that was flexible around my beliefs and young family’s needs.  This is where my dream of Real Vision Life Coaching was born. 

Real Vision Life Coaching draws on my personal and professional experiences and skills to consider all aspects of your life. I use evidence-based coaching techniques that uncover the skills and knowledge that you don’t even know you have. I then personally guide you on how to use these tools to overcome your limiting beliefs, develop your self-awareness and how to help others without sacrificing your well-being. 

Jennifer Parker. Empowerment Life Coach. Real Vision Life Coaching

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Jennifer Parker is an empowering and soulful Brisbane life coach, experienced social worker and the founder of Real Vision Life Coaching.

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