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Athena Ali- Inspiring women to secure their dream job in government

In this episode, I talk with Athena Ali from The Get Noticed Coach.  

Athena helps people with their job applications so that they can be clear and confident landing a meaningful career in the public service where they can be appreciated, get paid more, get better flexibility and have that security they crave from a public service career. 

Athena brings her knowledge and expertise working in the government to help create a diverse workforce by helping people secure their dream job. 

If you’re a big-hearted woman that struggles with confidence in applying for positions within the government, then you are going to want to tune in to this week’s episode. 

We talk about: How Athena prioritises herself. Confidence and mindset. Understanding how to complete a job selection criteria. Transferable skills. Not selling yourself short. 

You can find Athena at:



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